President’s Message


Summer is over and fall is upon us. The many storms and hurricanes have struck our country with floods, wind and more. After all the destruction this hurricane season, it is important to follow FEMA standards and have all the Equipment Generators and solar panels placed at the levels FEMA requires to keep them out of the flood plains. Now is the time to institute new building codes and raise the homes above the flood levels determined by FEMA.

The good from all this trouble is that homes can install solar panels to back up and help the network relieve the strain of the grid. The new codes can help implement the new life safety systems.

This is an exciting time for young contractors to get into the business. All the states need help recovering and rebuilding. New tax laws will help contractors to establish their new and existing companies.

The new 2017 Code can help to ensure the equipment is properly installed. Many homes will now be looking for generators to maintain their lifestyle.

The League has many classes on the 2017 Code and can help in your education to install and support the systems.

Don’t forget to join us for the Bull Roast on November 4th.

Stay strong. Keep up your education!

Pete Elmo
President, Electric League of Maryland