President’s Message

I would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a blessed New Year. Thank you everyone for your support of the Bull Roast and your support of the associated raffles. I know the new Code 2017 has gone in effect in different counties, please check for information on the ELM webpage.

Winter is upon us. Please be careful with portable heaters and don’t use extension cords as they are not #12 or #14 and can’t take the load. Remember solar still works even when the temps are low, the sun is still bright just not as long.

There are many new cars operating on battery and homes need outlets installed. Refer to article 625, electric vehicle charging system. Follow the Code, this will be another source of income!! Remember solar panels are another source of income. Many homeowners are looking for alternative electric power and generators are a good source of income.

Wishing everyone a good year of opportunity to improve your income. Happy New Year!

Pete Elmo
President, Electric League of Maryland